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December 20, 2019 No Comments Ari Usman,Artikel Komputer,Assembly Ari Usman

; controlling external device with 8086 microprocessor.
; realistic test for c:\emu8086\devices\Traffic_Lights.exe


name “traffic”

mov ax, all_red
out 4, ax

mov si, offset situation

mov ax, [si]
out 4, ax

; wait 5 seconds (5 million microseconds)
mov cx, 4Ch ; 004C4B40h = 5,000,000
mov dx, 4B40h
mov ah, 86h
int 15h

add si, 2 ; next situation
cmp si, sit_end
jb next
mov si, offset situation
jmp next

; FEDC_BA98_7654_3210
situation dw 0000_0011_0000_1100b
s1 dw 0000_0110_1001_1010b
s2 dw 0000_1000_0110_0001b
s3 dw 0000_1000_0110_0001b
s4 dw 0000_0100_1101_0011b
sit_end = $

all_red equ 0000_0010_0100_1001b

Download Traffic Light EXE

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